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Road to Europe

When I was a young girl we took a lot of road trips (thanks to my grandparents). My grandfather was a truck driver who insisted we get outside of our surroundings and see that life has more to offer than what is in our city. Although we traveled often as I was coming up, I hit a point in my life where I felt I had not seen as much as someone on the outside looking in would think. Facebook would have one believe that I was traveling every day to a new place in the United States, NOT TRUE. Up until a few years ago, I did not own a passport. There I was, going on my fifth year living in Los Angeles, spending all of my money in a city that left much to be desired.

I soon realized that I had not traveled the past few years as much as I was accustomed to and that needed to change. I wanted to step my entire travel experience up, it was time to go international. My cousin who I call the “World Traveling King” was the first person I reached out to as soon as I obtained my passport. Being the awesome person that he is, he insisted on giving us (my sister cousin and I) a European experience as our introduction to overseas travel. He said “every girl should go to Paris, at least once”, and he wanted us to start in Europe first because he felt there were so many other international places that we would love a little more than Paris. Not only did we do Paris, we did Amsterdam, and London. It was a wonderful way to end 2014 and begin 2015.

Check out my next post where I will share photos and experiences from my trip and also reveal which out of the three – Paris, London, and Amsterdam is my favorite.

Paris, France – New Year’s Day 2015


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