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Europe: Paris, London and Amsterdam

Europe was my first international trip! I must say that I am beyond ecstatic for more international travels to come. We took an eleven hour flight to London and explored, next we trekked to Amsterdam where we stayed for 5 days, then took the last train to Paris (literally) and ended the trip there for the remaining 4 days. As we were boarding the plan from Houston to London I got sick and spent the entire 11 hours of our flight sweating out a virus. When we arrived in London I was still fighting my sickness but pushed through and enjoyed the time we were there.

Now it is time to reveal my favorite place….Amsterdam and Paris. I love them both for different reasons and I must highlight what is great about them. Amsterdam wins as my favorite place to live. The atmosphere was amazing, the people were friendly and the vibe was chill. It reminded me of New York but a more clean version. We lived on the canal and was in close proximity of all the hot spots. I need to add that I had the best ribs while in Amsterdam. They reminded me of southern style barbecue but on another level.

On the Canal in Amsterdam

Paris is the winner in the food category. Amsterdam’s food was fresh and tasty but Paris culinary was everything to me. My entire stay in Paris, I was on a food high. I have never experienced this caliber of food in my life. Paris changed the food game for me, they raised the bar. My creative juices began to flow and all kinds of recipe ideas came to me while I was in Europe. I did not take pictures of all of the places we ate at as I had no idea I would experience such great food. Verjus is a place where words can not explain what you experience when you eat there. It may not look like much but everything was flavorful and fresh.













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